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Chhattisgarh tribes taste success raising honeybees

Living a marginalized life in the mining region of Dantewada, local tribes dependent on forest produce, rain-fed agriculture and wild honey have successfully taken to modern apiculture. Click here to read more.

Creating a buzz

Mechanical engineer-turned bee keeper Apoorva talks about bees, honey and sustaining eco-friendly initiatives

Many tend to give up on their passion when it is financially non-viable. Yet, some fight against all odds and carve a career out of it. Apoorva BV, hailing from Chitradurga, is one such man who followed his passion and became a bee keeper...Read More

Bee for Bengaluru

 Guruprasad Rao and Apoorva BV started running an apiary in 2008. Then Apoorva was a student of engineering and Guruprasad was just winding up his career in IT.

Both of them were always interested in bees and in 2011, they made the insects their full-time job.

Read full article here...

A Visit to Our Apiary

We visited an apiary in the outskirts of Bangalore. The location was very serene without many urban buildings or polluting sound of traffic. If we kept silent, we could hear the calming buzz of the bees.

Read more about their exciting trip to our apiary here.

Buzzing Bees

Bees are keystone species, meaning at the top of several food chains! Besides that, they are major pollinators for food sources! It is sad that we don’t understand this and consider them pests instead!

They are our friends, not foes, and we need to protect them. Just like the whales!

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