Sunday, 3 September 2017

World Honey bee day - Bangalore

August 19th is declared as world honey bee day.For the first time in the history of beekeeping, India celebrated across country in all agriculture universities,horticulture department branches and Khadi & village industries commission played a very important role to take up this opportunity to spread awareness about honey,bees and beekeeping to the society.

In Bangalore, world honey bee day was observed and in association with KVIC,Bangalore The HIVE organised one day workshop for beginners and drawing competition for children on 19th August. Followed by this, we organised many drawing and essay competition in rural schools of Bangalore.
Before competition, i went to all schools and gave them a presentation and talk about how honey bees are important for our ecosystem,agriculture and also food security.Children expressed their thoughts through drawing in their own way.

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