Sunday, 4 June 2017

Training and supply of Beekeeping equipment to Jenu kuruba tribal community at Chamarajanagar District

'Jenu Kuruba' means 'Honey gatherers' - a tribal community which involved in gathering/hunting honey in forests.On December 7th 2016, 'The Hive' along with Directorate of extension,University of agriculture sciences,Bangalore provided training on scientific method of beekeeping with Apis Cerana bee species. And through integrated farming system(IFS) project, we supplied bee boxes and honey extractors to the tribal people so that they can capture Apis cerana colonies from forest in to the box and start beekeeping.  We are hoping to induce more compassion and patience in this tribal society in order to convert these honey hunters to beekeepers for their sustainable livelihood. 

Apoorva from 'The Hive', Dr.Vijay Kumar,Dr.Sanjay and Mr.shashi from UAS,Bangalore

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