Friday, 27 August 2010

Need of pollination in Chitradurga

Pollinating for onion seed production. As we know that, every 3rd spoon we eat is the contribution of honey bees. Over 95% of food crops are pollinated from bees. Keeping Bee hives in the farms will increase the production and yield of the crops. In Chitradurga(Karnataka State,India) farmers grow sunflower,safflower, red gram, Sesame and horticulture crops like pomegranate,mosambi, watermelon, lemon, vegetables etc.. All these crops require 100% pollination to get triple yield which is only possible from honey bees. Intermittent rains and usage of some dangerous insecticides is the result of decrease in number of natural bee hives.
If we keep the bee hives as shown above, we can get  100% pollination and will increase the farmer's estimated crop yield and thus the economy of the district will also increase.
Especially in sunflower crops we can extract large quantity of honey which generates employment for the rural youth to produce honey and selling them.

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