'Apis dorsata', Major pollinators of india

Interesting pictures of collecting limited honey from the apis dorsata colony..
By following this procedure we can save these major pollinators of nature..

Apis-Dorsata is a large bee found in india and other asian countries.
These aggressive bees can establish there colony inside the city because they can travel nearly 6kms to collect nectar and pollens. In india, we can find these hives in the buildings,trees etc..
These bees are very aggressive when provoked. They chase until they sting on you!!.
There are some reports which says these hives were used in war in ancient ages and in some places like temples they are considered as the protectors of the temple...
one hive may consist of more than 90,000 bees.
Indian crops which are based on flowers and fruits are alive and in scope today because of Apis-Dorsata..
That applies for indian farmers too.. We should honor these untamable insects...